Because. There are a ton of not-so-great apps out there, including a whole lot of flashlight apps, apps that play a sound when you touch them, apps that just play a looping movie, and apps that are just an embedded web browser with a hardcoded URL. Considering that a basic flashlight app can be written with no lines of code (literally by making a new project and doing nothing - all view-based apps start as flashlight apps), I figured that there should at least be something that is cool to show off and actually does something interactive. So it's an ironic statement against useless apps by appearing to be useless, but actually be cool to play with and show off
How does it work?
Metaballs and an underlying phsyics system. But it turns out that you need a fair amount of horsepower to properly render a metaball (not to mention that there is a patent on the most useful method), so I cheated. A lot. Similarlly, the physics system was tweaked to "look right" not to be mathematically accurate.
How do I change the colors of stuff?
Double tap anywhere and the settings will appear (you can also go to the system wide Settings application).
I get the colors, but what are the other values for wax color and fluid colors?
"?" - Random
"=" - Fluid color same as wax color
"0" - No fluid color shown
I started it up and it doesn't do anything
Like the real thing, it takes a bit for the thing to heat up (laval is what can be called a "faux"-sics simulation - it uses formulas simular to a realy physics simulation, but tweaked for more fun).