Latest updates from gandreas software:

Derby Scoreboarder
Control CRG scoreboard from your iOS device
The Dicenomicon
iOS 7 update for The Dicenomicon
Derby Ranking Calculator
Demystify the WFTDA rankings calculator
q : fract 1.0
Powerful Fractal Art creation comes to the iPad
Derby Playbook 1.0.1
Turn your iPad into an animated flat track derby playbook
Astrologo 2.0
  • Total UI redesign from the ground up!
  • Custom user points

iPerbolic 1.0
Live kaleidoscope that uses hyperbolic tessellation - convert reality into an MC Escher Circle Limit style image!
Astrologo 1.6
  • Extra chart styles:
    • Renaissance
    • Vedic (Northern)
    • Vedic (Southern)
    • Heliocentric
  • Heliocentric charts
  • Editable orbs (by either aspect or object, or both), with a variety of preset values
  • Reports can be saved as PDF file that can be extracted using iTune's "document sharing" capability
  • Added Hermetic Lots (similar to Arabic points of Fortune and Spirit)
  • Settings can be saved/restored (so you can easily switch between different chart styles/options and what objects are shown)
  • Calculation of various relative times, including Lunar and Solar returns, Synodic cycles, ingress, etc... These are available via the "Load" as well as the "Compare" options
  • Locations can be entered into the "city search" field by latitude and longitude
  • Rearchitected Sidereal support, hopefully removing all inconsistencies
  • Additional harmonics for the wider range of Vedic vargas
  • True or Mean Lunar Nodes
  • And, of course, various bug fixes