A light taste of The Dicenomicon - just rolling dice, no formulas, but all the rich physics simulation and unmatched customization options.

Features the standard set of FRP dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d%), with fully customizable:

  • Dice set colors
  • Dice textures
  • Background
  • UI Theme
  • Physics
  • Lighting

Additional customizable assets can be downloaded via the built in online "Dicetorium".

Roll your dice, get the total - a quick tap on the "dice bar" to add more.

Individual dice can also be held (so as to not roll when the rest are rolled), ignored from the total, rerolled, or deleted.

  • Fully 3D Dice
    Complete with a full 3D physics engine to roll them
  • Wood
    A wide variety of visual styles including wood
  • Stone
    A wide variety of visual styles including stone
  • Ignoring Dice
    Individual dice can be ignored, lock, rerolled singlely, etc...