aLine5 is a game of strategy with simple rules that are easy to learn - in each turn you can move one of the balls on the screen to a new location (assuming there is a clear path to get there). If you form a line of 5 (or more) balls of the same color, they are removed. If you don't, three new balls appear randomly on the screen (a preview of what balls will appear shows at the bottom of the screen. Play until the screen is filled.

It seems simple, but scoring the big points is a challenge (after all, if you have to move even two balls to form a line, that means that six new balls have appeared while you only cleared out five - and being able to form a line with just moving two balls is very rare). Longer lines are worth more points, so you need to decide if you want to move a fifth ball into place to finish a line, or place it off a square to try to fit a sixth one in there for more points.

Oh, and in case it seems too easy, as you start making more and more matches, different kinds of balls are added to the mix...

Gameplay is simple - tap and drag the ball. When you tap on the ball, it wlll show you what squares are reachable to move it to (if you don't move it, or attempt to move it a spot that can't be reached or otherwise occupied, nothing will happen.

aLine5 keeps track of the game state, so you can stop at anytime and pick up where you left off.