One of the deepest, richest gameplay found in any game on any platform, NetHack is a cult classic since its release in 1987, and has since spawned many descendants (including Diablo). gandreas software now presents this classic for the iPhone/iPod Touch:

  • Playable in either "ASCII" mode, or graphics mode (just rotate the device to switch)
  • Obscure keyboard commands replaced with a simple taps for movement, or a handy command picker.
  • Commands can also be activated by a unique gesture based command - want to search for a secret door? Swipe across the top of the play area (all the gestures are shown on the command picker for easy reference)
  • Standard iPhone UI - scrolling lists, etc...
  • Graphics can be zoomed in/out via pinch
  • Completely faithful NetHack experience (all the levels, monsters, potions, scrolls, etc...)
  • Multiple tiles sets, from the classic to the sublime

Can you retrieve the Amulet of Yendor and return to the surface?