Flame fractals comes to the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch with q : flame. Based on the power and capabilities of "quadrium | flame", q : flame includes the most popular, useful, and unique flame fractal features.


  • Multiple transform flame, including the powerful bilinear transform (aka Mšbius transform)
  • Multiple topologies, 26 in all, including Julian
  • Seeds - unique flames designed to make it easy to add shape and structure to fractals
  • Huge set of gradients
  • Work with multiple documents
  • Multi-touch based UI for editing flame transforms
  • Supports for random image creation when creativity is stuck
Flame fractals normally take large amounts of computing power to create, but q : flame uses unique rendering algorithms that make it possible to work with them on an iPhone, including the ability to have live feedback while editing. And on the iPad, the experience is amazing (the above image took less than 30 seconds in highest quality mode to progressively render).

Perfect for creating unique wallpapers, artistic creations, or just being creative in your spare time.

  • Flame Fractals
    Sophisticated flame fractals rendered in iOS
  • Another
    Sophisticated flame fractals rendered in iOS
  • Rendering
    The image is progressively generated while you watch
  • Parameters
    A variety of parameters of each flame can be edited, radicallying changing the image, with live feedback
  • Colors
    A wide range of gradients are available for coloring the image
  • Save
    Save/Restore your document