Turn your camera into a live kaleidoscope, but not just any kaleidoscope - one that does hyperbolic tessellation! Best known as the effect used by MC Escher in his various Circle Limit prints, hyperbolic tessellation repeats images to infinity but never quite reaches the edge of a circle while doing so.

Generating these images with a computer use to take hours but can now be done instantly with live camera input of your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 (either front or rear camera).

Supports 27 different tessellation patterns (based on different number of sides in the basic shape and the number of shapes that meet at each vertex) with up to three different symmetry variations (not all configurations support all symmetry options).

Turn even the most boring scene into a fascinating piece of art!

Requires camera equipped iPod Touches, iPhone 4 (or newer) or iPad 2 (or newer)