The ultimate in twisty "magic" puzzles - don't be limited to cubes locked into a fixed orientation! For both the iPhone/iPod Touch and with full native support for the iPod

These include not just simple "parallel to the faces" slices, but ones along diagonals, skewed in weird ways, etc... Over 50 different puzzles to solve (including some that have more combinations than atoms in the universe!).

The puzzles are rendered using "tiles" attached to each face for the maximal visual cues and impact (with an option for cheap "stickers"). The puzzles are freely rotatable, with a special "rear mirror" view so you can see the back of the puzzle.

Full undo/redo (even saved when you switch between puzzles), shuffle, stopwatch timer, etc...

So if you've mastered the classic twisty cube, step up to a whole new world of challenges!

Twistyhedron brings a full range of twisty "magic" puzzles in all sorts of shapes and configurations, including:

  • Cubes
  • Tetrahedrons ("Pyramids")
  • Octahedrons
  • Dodecagons (both pentagonal and rhombic)
  • Icosahedrons
  • Spheres
  • "Stars"
  • Various prisms/slabs