Create your own fractal art! Don't be limited to just zooming in on a standard Mandelbrot or Julia set - q : fract provides a range of different fractals, including the ability to enter your own formulas!

q : fract then provides a layering model for rendering the images, just like one would do with a standard graphics application (full range of compositing options, adjuster layers, etc...), as well as procedural background textures and more.

q : fract is designed to use reusable "components" that are applicable in a wide variety of places, with over 100 different fractal, coloring algorithm, trap shapes, adjusters, transformations and special effects that can be applied in a mix-and-match approach, giving you the widest possible of options.

And thanks to the power of the iPad's graphics hardware, there is even real-time feedback as you adjust the various dials and knobs.

Other features include:

  • Load/save your creations
  • Email, save to photos, or print high resolution versions (iOS compatible printer required)
  • Full featured gradient editor and color picker
  • Copy and paste of values, colors, gradients and entire components
  • Special "favorite components" bin to hold your favorite selection of components, making it easy to re-use techniques in new images
  • Custom formula support for fractals
(For best performance, iPad2 running iOS 5.0 or newer is recommended)