Does it work?
Studies have shown that the techniques used in Entrainment do cause similar brain wave frequencies to be induced in the listener. How effective that is in actually imparting the desired effect, however, is a bit more uncertain. Using it, for example, as part of an overall meditation regiment is going to be more effective than expecting that having it on while working will magically cure your bad back.
How is Entrainment different from other similar programs?
First off, Entrainment generates all audio data on the fly - it doesn't just play back embedded mp3 files (which, due to the lossy nature of mp3 encoding, can actually loose some of their effectiveness - not unlike the way that text in JPEG file can get blurry). Since Entrainment synthesizes the data, programs can be edited, and new programs made. For example, if you determine that isochronic tones are personally more effective than binaural tones, you can change them. Or you want something that last an hour, and starts off at one point, changes to another after 10 minutes, and then gradually to a third over the next 50 minutes, you can make it - you're not limited to what somebody else thinks is useful.
How do I delete an entire track?
Remove all the time stops in that track (when you remove the last one, it will ask if you want to remove the track).
I can't add another time stop
There are basically two kinds of programs - those of fixed duration (though they can repeat), and those of unlimited duration. The unlimited ones basically just have a single setting (at time 0:00) which is maintained as long as it is played. You can only add additional time stops in the fixed duration programs - tap on the time line at the top and then toolbar will contain a button labelled "Duration: Unlimited". Tapping on that button will allow you to change the program duration.
I can't seem to change the sliders
Values can only be changed at a time stop - if the toolbar has a "+" enabled, that means that you aren't at a time stop (and everything else is disabled). Tapping the "+" will add a time stop at that time, and values can be adjusted.
No, that's not it - I just can't change the slider
Firmware 2.2 has added a "feature" that makes using sliders everywhere much harder (don't believe me? go to the Preferences application and try to change the volume there). This is a known problem with 2.2