How do I get rid of dice?
Tapping the trash can will remove all dice. In free form mode, when the dice stop moviing, you can tap on one of them and select "Delete" from the alert.
I can't select dice - more just keep appearing
In free form mode, you can't select dice until they stop moving (due to the fact that it's really hard to select them while they're bouncing around, plus accidentally selecting one when trying to add more would be very annoying).
Why do the dice seem to keep moving and jumping around?
If a die lands crooked (due to being wedged against the side or another die), it won't count until it lies flat (or at least close enough to flat). As a result, cocked dice are "jumped" a bit to get them to try to land flat (and yes, sometimes this will result in nudging other dice to make it happen). In worse cases, one die lands on top of another die, which is not allowed either, so it also will jump around until it pushes the lower die out of the way or finds a spot to land correctly. (Note that this is not to be confused with open-ended rolls which are actually re-rolling that die)
How can I specify Storyteller rolls?
A formula of the form "5d10≥8" would roll a dice pool of 5 dice, counting how many dice are equal to or greater then 8 (the target number), automatically subtracting the rolls of "1". *Update* - "nWoD" Storyteller systems don't use the "rolls of 1 subtract", so the correct formula would be "5d10>8". If you want "open ended rolls" (where you roll again on a 10) you'd do "5d+10>8", or if you want 10's to count as two successes, "5dXX>8"
How can I specify Exile rolls?
Use the "d1"
How can I specify Feng Shui rolls?
Use the "1Gd+6 - 1Rd+6" for open rolls
How can I specify Deadlands rolls?
Use the "5d+8H1" (for 5 eight-sided dice)
How can I specify 7th Sea/L5R rolls?
Use the "7d+10H5" for 7 exploding dice, keep 5
Rolemaster rolls?
Use the "d±%" for open ended (high/low) rolls
[Insert your favorite gaming system] rolls?
There's a built in database of sample rolls for a variety of systems, or ask on the web board.
What is the full syntax of the dice roll formulas?
A full formal definition can be found in the Dicenomicon Spellbook, here
How do I use min/max?
There are two different styles of min/max - one is applied per die, and the other is part of a larger expression. The first one can be done via the "Min" and "Max" macrodie. So "3d6MAX4" would roll three six-sided dice, and treat any result of 5 or 6 as a 4. The second is an infix operator that takes the minimum or maximum of the two numbers, so "5 ∨ 3" would evaluate as "5" (and "5 ∧ 3" is "3"). This can also be used for "boolean" operations (like their symbols imply). This works because "1 ∨ 0" is "1", "1 ∧ 0" is "0". You can keep these straight by looking at them as something that connects the two values at its sides at either the top (for the "highest" values) or the bottom (for the "lowest" values). The "∧" also looks like the letter "A" with the cross-bar missing ("A"="and").
What about support for ....?
If there is some specific feature you want to see, please submit feedback via the web board, and we can discuss exactly what is going to be needed.