How do I configure the puzzle size or tile images?
Tap on the "info" button in the toobar at the bottom, and settings will appear.
The toolbar keeps appearing and disappearing
It will automatically hide whenever you do something (since the rectangular puzzles use the full size of the screen, parts would be hidden below them otherwise, and difficult to move those tiles).
But how do I get it to reappear?
Just wait a few seconds without doing anything, and it will automatically reappear
Can I use my own images?
Yes - tap that "info" button on the toolbar and scroll down and select the custom image item for the tile set.
What exactly does that "hint" button do?
It shows you which tiles are currently in their correct place - not so obvious for some images (especially the built in abstract images).
Those abstract images are really hard to solve
That's the point of them - due to the "self simular" nature of them, it takes work to figure out what connects with what. If you want something easy, just use the numbered tiles.
Where did those abstract images come from?
They were all created with the quadrium family of products (quadrium2, quadrium | flame, and quadrium | prime), all available from gandreas software.