Control the CRG roller derby scoreboard remotely from your iOS devices

  • Supports both 0.2, 0.3 and 3.0 release version (including support for official reviews)
  • Control scores, start/stop/time out, pick jammers, adjust time outs, configure times
  • Access to all policies
  • Edit team rosters (and even adjust team colors for easier device use)
  • Unique custom "reminders" to let the user know that the lineup is about to hit 0:25, the jam is about to expire, etc...
  • iPhone/iPod Touch supports multiple "roles" with specific UIs designed for that role (so jam timer doesn't see scores, or scorekeepers don't see timers)
  • Perfect for multi-tasking during a scrimmage (a single NSO can easily jam time and run the scoreboard), or as an extra input device during a bout (making it easy to pick jammers without blocking the main UI)